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As a parent, you care about what your child eats at home and at school. Every child deserves a school that supports their development and future success through healthy eating and food education. Here are some recommended resources that explain the facts around this important social issue: 

Success Stories

“I knew our kids needed breakfast and only a few kids were participating in the traditional before-school program. The classroom breakfast program was simple to implement. Three pioneering principals agreed to pilot the concept. It flourished from there and has now expanded to 27 schools.”  

- Jill Kidd, Director of Nutrition Services, Pueblo City Schools

“Undoubtedly one of the most rewarding times that I can think of was when we fully implemented salad bars in 29 of our 31 elementary schools in RUSD,” said Taylor. “It felt great because we were one of the two districts in the country that fully institutionalized the program. The critics told me that it could not be replicated, that it was not sustainable, and that it would not modify students eating behaviors. I just love doing what others say cannot be done.” 

- Rodney Taylor, Director of Food Services, Riverside Unified School District

 “I have used many of the recipes from The Lunch Box since starting Good Food for Oxford Schools. As we have begun our transition to a scratch cooked menu and have been bringing in more local foods - the Lunch Box has been our go-to for new recipes such as the roasted broccoli and roasted cauliflower. We needed many new entree options for our menus as well, and love the chicken potpie and stir frys. The recipes are in an easy format for our cafeteria managers to use - they especially love the way the calculator allows them to explode the recipe to a larger size!”

- Sunny Young, Projects Coordinator, Good Food for Oxford Schools and Farm to School Oxford School District

Changing School Food: A Resource for Parents & Advocates

Changing School Food!